Aspire Women's Leadership Club (AWLC)

A place where women thrive


To empower women to become confident, inspirational, and influential leaders who drive positive change in society at all levels.

About Us

AWLC is a flagship project of the Aspire Leadership Network that brings together like-minded women leaders to connect with each other, learn, and grow.

Our objectives

Leadership Development

  • Offer workshops and leadership training programs on various subjects to enhance women’s knowledge and skills.
  • Facilitate mentorship opportunities, connecting aspiring women leaders with experienced mentors who can provide guidance, support, and valuable insights.
  • Organise guest speaker sessions and panel discussions featuring accomplished women leaders who share their experiences, challenges, and lessons learned.

Networking And Collaboration

  • Create networking events and platforms that bring together women leaders from diverse industries and backgrounds to foster connections, collaborations, and knowledge-sharing.
  • Establish partnerships with other organisations, both locally and globally, to expand networking opportunities and provide access to resources, expertise, and potential career opportunities.
  • Develop online communities and discussion forums to facilitate continuous networking and exchange of ideas among club members.
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Advocacy and Presentation

  • Advocate for women’s rights and equal opportunities in leadership positions through awareness campaigns, policy recommendations, and engagement with relevant stakeholders.
  • Promote the representation of women in decision-making roles by encouraging women to pursue leadership positions and providing support throughout their journeys.
  • Collaborate with organisations and initiatives that strive for empowering women to lead and contribute to a more balanced and just society.

Community Outreach & Mentorship

  • Engage in community outreach programs, partnering with schools, universities, and other institutions to inspire and mentor young women to develop leadership skills and pursue their ambitions.
  • Establish mentorship programs where club members can mentor and support emerging women leaders, sharing their expertise, experiences, and networks.
  • Conduct workshops and awareness campaigns on leadership and empowerment in local communities to inspire and empower women from all levels.

Club Activities

Monthly Networking Events

Skill-building Workshops

Mentorship Program

Regular gatherings where members can connect, share experiences, and build relationships through activities like panel discussions, guest speaker sessions, and themed networking sessions.

Offer interactive leadership training programs, workshops, and seminars that enhance skills such as communication, public speaking, decision-making, strategic thinking, and emotional intelligence.

Develop a mentoring App to provide guidance and support to those seeking mentorship, fostering leadership development and personal growth.

Leadership Retreats

Community Outreach

Resource Library

Organise periodic retreats focused on leadership development, personal reflection, and skill enhancement, allowing members to connect, learn, and recharge in a supportive environment.

Engage in community service initiatives, partnerships with local charities, and awareness campaigns to address social issues affecting women in Australia, promoting positive change.

Maintain an online library of articles, podcasts, book recommendations, and other resources relevant to personal growth, leadership, and career development.

Empowering women to become confident, inspirational, and influential leaders who drive positive change in society at all levels.

Our membership tiers cater to various needs and aspirations, offering members a range of opportunities to enhance their leadership skills, expand their networks, and engage with like-minded professionals within the community.

AWLC offers three bundled membership options, each offering a unique combination of activities, training, seminars, and pricing structure.​

The Choice is yours!

Rising Leaders

$200 p.a. (including GST).

Prime Leaders

$500 p.a. (including GST).

Elite Leaders

$1,500 p.a. (including GST).

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Why Choose the Club


The club is a place for you to meet people you would never think would cross your path in life.


The club gives you the platform to share your lived experiences.


We all don't know everything, so we strive to learn something new everyday. Come ready to learn and unlearn!


The ultimate goal of the club is for you to grow! We stand with you every step of the way until you get there.

Experiences help us grow!

We all have various degrees of experiences. At the club, we turn those experiences into learning and grow. Ready?

Grab your slot today

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