Our Philosophy

The Aspire Leadership Network believes that with an approach to leadership that synthesises both Islamic and secular schools of thought, we can help develop a pipeline of future leaders at each key level of leadership – with respect for collective diversity.

Rooting our leadership development programs in advanced knowledge from both the modern leadership sciences and the exemplary habits of the Prophet (SAW), we aspire to develop the leadership capabilities of all our students in helping them through their leadership journeys.

Our Mission

At the Aspire Leadership Network, we are committed to helping lift individuals and communities through the power of innovative leadership education.

By running our short courses and workshops, we hope to help raise awareness of leadership theories and their practical applications to everyday life – helping our students realise their potential in becoming better leaders.

Meet Dr. Rawaa El Ayoubi

Dr Rawaa El Ayoubi is the Founder and catalyst behind the Aspire Leadership Network.

A Muslim academic with 26 years’ experience in the fields of management and leadership , she lives by the principle that a strong foundation in leadership can function as a transferable set of tools that can be applied to every aspect of life.

Her work primarily focuses on the synthesis between both Islamic and secular approaches to leadership and what makes a good leader. In this respect, her work is deeply inspired by her mentor Dr Tareq Al Suwaidan, the globally renowned writer, businessman and Islamic teacher, who has been extensively involved in a variety of leadership roles throughout his life and has himself made a crucial contribution to theories and practices on good leadership.

With a Masters in administration, a diploma in practice management, a PhD in philosophy, as well as an academic background in Islamic studies, Dr Rawaa has a rich academic background that complements her experience in practical leadership gained in the Muslim community and Not-for-profit sector. She has previously taught at the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy (ISRA) in Australia and been on the Board of Islamic Relief Australia, one of the largest Muslim NFPs globally.