1. Introduction

Planning is one of the essential things in life for the following points:
1- The goals you set in all dimensions (health, physical, social, emotional, intellectual, scientific, spiritual, financial, and skill development) can be well and specifically translated into actions and thus will motivate you to work and implement them.
2- Planning reduces future crisis in life if the planning method is used correctly. It explores those risks and crisis, predicts them, manages them, and proposes appropriate solutions to solve them.
3- Planning helps motivating people to work, especially when the person sets a time to finish the goal and achieve it.
4- Planning helps to organise your time in an efficient way and to utilise it in an organised manner at all levels. Therefore, it was necessary, before you start writing the plan, that you complete the exercise of balancing your life in which you will determine your strengths and weaknesses, as well as the things that you need to modify and change to reach a balanced and an effective life.
In order to put your goals in the life plan, you will need the results of the different dimensions covered by the scale (Balance your life). Add to the plan the areas that need to be addressed and set them as your goals.