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Many people do not care about writing a life plan and consider it to be a heavy duty that wastes his/her time.
Unfortunately, they do not know that for every hour they spend planning their life, they save four hours in time of implementation.
Life without a plan is a life without direction, without specific goals and projects. It is a haphazard way of living one’s life.
A person who is serious in his/her life has to make decisions that determine the future of his/her studies and personal and professional life.
Decisions, such as studying and choosing the right job, are very important decisions in life. However, if a person discovers that decisions that he/she made are not the right decisions for him/her, he/she can still change and plan well.
This plan has been developed with a scientific methodology based on skills, values and interests that differ from one person to another. We do not want to pursue a boring life in which there are no real goals or achievements.
I advise you to be honest and to pray for guidance and success before starting and during implementation.