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Great Leaders

The Aspire Leadership Network is a thought leadership and training organisation that seeks to provide holistic leadership education through a teaching method drawing upon both academic and Islamic approaches to leadership.

Expertise & Services

The Aspire Leadership Network offers programs and workshops encompassing three primary facets of leadership development.

Our Philosophy

ALN believes that with an approach to leadership that synthesises both Islamic and Academic approaches to leadership, we can help both everyday individuals be their best selves, as well as raise awareness of leadership theories and unlock their practical applications for everyday life. By imbuing our trainees and leaders with skills and traits that come from best-practice approaches, we help them achieve incredible results through applied leadership, whether they are in positions of management or not.

Rooting our leadership development programs in advanced knowledge from both modern leadership theory and the exemplary methods of the Prophet (SAW), we aspire to develop and nurture the leadership capabilities of all our trainees in a way as to leave them and those around them transformed.

Introducing Dr. Rawaa El Ayoubi

Dr Rawaa El Ayoubi is the Founder and catalyst behind the Aspire Leadership Network.

She is a Muslim academic with 28 years of experience in the fields of management and leadership. Her work primarily focuses on the synthesis between both Islamic and academic approaches to leadership and what makes a good leader. 

Programs and Workshops