The Art of Leadership: Improve your leadership Skills

Do you want to improve your leadership Skills?

Leadership is often regarded as the single most critical factor in the success or failure of any organisation. Leadership is an art and, leading entails paying attention to one’s intrapersonal elements that strongly impact how effectively we acquire and cultivate our leadership competencies.

Dr. Rawaa El Ayoubi brings two decades of experience and wealth of knowledge to help our community evolve its approach to leadership. She will focus in this workshop on the necessity of improving your self-leadership skills after introducing the elements of leadership.

On the completion of the workshop, you will walk away with:

  • Introduction to the importance and elements of leadership.
  • Understanding of the effective tools and techniques of self-leadership.
  • Clarification of the intrapersonal elements that strongly impact how effectively you acquire and cultivate your leadership competencies.
  • Illumination on how to gain the hearts of your followers.
  • Learning how to cast your vision and set your direction.
  • Certificate of attendance.

The two-day workshop will be presented in English on the 10th and 11th November 2021 from 6.30Pm-8.30Pm Sydney time, on Zoom.

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